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I think that’s Charlie Brown’s line, actually, but I do feel as if Lucy’s pulled the football away from me AGAIN.

Why?  My super-trick T-Mobile 4G wireless transmitter has bitten the dust, and I won’t get my replacement until next week.  Well done, Quality Control Engineers in Shenzhen or Zhongshan or whatever manufacturing metropolis is responsible for my frustration!  🙂

This is why I haven’t been commenting on other people’s blogs too often lately — I’ve been getting The Spinning Colorful Wheel Of Death as my Mac looks around, baffled, wondering where the connection went!  But rest assured, I’ll be back blabbing away ASAP.

Anyhow, I’ve come full circle.  My first post was from a Starbucks on the road, and here I am, at yet another, iced latte and wall outlet close at hand.

I’m down, but not out…  🙂

I wish we had Smell-o-Vision so you could enjoy the scent of this pink jasmine...

It’s February 22, it’s 80 degrees, and just look at all the fall leaves blanketing the park.  I have no idea what name to give this season!  (But I know I like it!)  🙂

Okay, gotta go.  Downloading photos here is so…..s..l..o..w…..  More later!

It's fall...um, no, winter...erm...spring? summer?  No idea, really!  :)

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I said I would post again SOON.  Ahem.  (Twelve days without posting in Bloggerland is like twelve weeks in the real world).  But you know how it is; things come up, complications arise, blah blah blah.  The main thing is, everything and everybody is OK.  We’ve had some sunny days and some cloudy days, but overall it’s pretty darn gorgeous here in Southern California.

Without further ado, here’s some proof:

Sea lions on a buoy in Newport Beach, taking a break from scuttling people's boats

Sweet Pea wants you to know that Dog Beach in Huntington Beach is a really great place to let your dog be a dog:

Where's the stick?

Here's the stick!

Here's the stick again...shorter, the more we play...

...and here's a surfer...

...and here's an oil drill rig platform... 🙂

Actually, the platforms look pretty cool at night, lit up like ships in the ocean.  There are only a couple of them left, but Huntington Beach still has vestiges of the long-gone oil boom.  As you walk down the streets near the beach, you’ll pass the occasional million-dollar house with a fenced-off sand lot next to it containing a little drill rig, perched like a grasshopper in a small field.

Parks are nice places to hang out, too, and you never know who you’re going to meet:

"I like a nice drink of nectar first thing in the morning. Tall decaf, please."

But the end of the day provided this shot:

Palm tree sunset in the park

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Hmmm….let’s see:

Decisions, decisions ...

I know one thing for certain — nothing is certain!  🙂   But we are in southern California, and I suspect the next post will be about Huntington Beach.  Meanwhile, the day is overcast but nice, Sweet Pea has had her walk, and all is right with our little world…

A quiet lake is a pleasant place to linger...

Just for the heck of it, one last shot of Santa Cruz for Mats: http://www.matsljunggren.com/

View from Gilbert's FireFish Grill Restaurant on the wharf

Oh, and one last thing about visiting Santa Cruz:  There are locals who think it’s cute to post fake signs to mislead visitors.  Clearly, these are people who haven’t been beaten up nearly often enough in their lives!  Follow your maps, ignore random signage, and all will be well.  🙂

I’ll post again SOON.  (How can it possibly be February 7 already?)

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