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I’ll Be Back…

…not a threat, a promise. ¬†ūüôā ¬†I’ve been busy finishing a degree, pumping up my freelance business, ¬†working on the house, and now…time to dig out the tax paperwork! ¬†Whoo-hoo! ¬†Nothing but thrills here, folks!

Actually, Steve and I did find time for the BEST day at Disneyland. ¬†That’s right — my inner five-year-old child had fun! ¬† Maybe soon your eyes will glaze over with boredom at my photos of Disneyana you’ve seen a million times before, but not today. ¬†I hear the siren call of Form 1099…

I’ll be talking to you soon.

Susie C.

(And an aside to Inspector Gadget — wherever you may be, best of luck to you and yours).

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