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Hale Sweet Hale

The best thing about Hale Reed is the Hanalei Bay location; the worst is the mosquitos at ground level. It’s not bad for me, because I have Steve at my side, and mozzies regard him as a movable feast. We both spray on mosquito repellent, and I don’t get one bite, but we might have to get Steve a transfusion before we go back to SoCal. 🙂 His blood is apparently the mosquito equivalent of St. Regis Princeville mai tais. (Now I know what a mai tai is supposed to taste like; it’s supposed to taste like $16 each. Fabulous, but $16 each.)


St. Regis flower arrangements look as good as their mai tais taste

The Hawaiian trio playing in the lounge bar sounded beautiful, and the sunset viewed from the balcony was lovely, but $495 a night for a St. Regis entry-level room? Yikes! We enjoyed our evening, but left feeling grateful for the rental home just steps from the sandy beach.


This culprit is raising the next generation of Kaua’i alarm clocks

Roosters are everywhere, serenading the dawn. We can barely hear them where we’re staying; instead, we have lovely chirping birds in the garden outside our window, and it’s a nice way to wake up. After breakfast, we figure out which north shore beach we’re going to hit in the morning, before finishing the day with a walk along OUR bay. 🙂

We pack the beach towels and head west, toward the end of the road at Ke’e where the impassable-by-car Na Pali coast begins. You can see it from the air in a helicopter, or go on a boat tour; you can even hike in on the Kalalau Trail if you don’t mind struggling through one of the ten most dangerous trails in the world (according to a poll taken by Backpacker magazine). I did the first mile or so twenty years ago, announced that I wasn’t crazy enough to go further, and that was that. Anyhow, the beaches are lovely and not nearly as much work. (Yes, hikers, riptides can kill you too, but I’ll pay attention and take my chances). Ha’ena is nice. You can park the car and hike back towards Tunnels Beach, do some snorkeling, come back and get a shave ice from the truck in the parking lot. My priorities are straight—there is no shave ice on the Kalalau Trail. 🙂

One more photo before I leave for the day:


Too bad about the crowds, eh? 🙂




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Hanalei Bay

So here we are in Kaua’i, walking toward the pier, then on to Pavilion Park; hang a left, walk across Weke Road, and we’re in our temporary home. Sadly, no truck and camper for this trip. (Wouldn’t that have been great?) Ah, well, we’re making do. 🙂

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