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Just thought I’d say hi to those of you who’ve kept me on your “follow” list.  The truck wheels stopped turning while I returned to college, so I haven’t posted for a while.  Anyhow, although I haven’t anything new to report on the traveling front, I did write something inspired by my studies, posted at http://tastysauce.blogspot.com/2012/07/algebra.html.  

Oh, never mind, I’ll post it here, too:


 (with my deepest apologies to Joyce Kilmer)

I think that I shall never be
A fan of x times y plus z.

Within parentheses they nest,
With pi and log and all the rest;

I sort the segment from the ray,
And disentangle i from j,

And graph parabolas with care;
I plot the points, come up for air,

And know the true source of my pain:
I’ll never use this stuff again.

The textbook’s size amazes me —
For this we sacrificed a tree!

Susan Cameron, copyright 2012


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